Write It Down!

Do you ever feel like you’re buried up to your neck with tasks? Like the weight of the company is sitting on your shoulders?

Anyone and everyone with a hard deadline has experienced this feeling in one way or another. Some individuals in this situation tend to tense up. They may even feel the need to curl up into a tiny ball, find a dark cave and hide until it’s all over.

Before you decide to slither your way into a dark hole, pick up a pen and paper and get to writing. Lists are your friend! Take a moment to write each task down for you to visually see in full length. It doesn’t have to be color coordinated or incredibly detailed. Just simply start with a list of 5 things to get done that day and begin working your way through that list. The feeling of checking each item off is ever so rewarding.

If you’ve ever been in our office, you’ll notice these fancy little black books many of us are latched onto. In these notebooks holds the formula to the company’s success. No, literally, if some of us didn’t write that task down, they might implode. Okay – maybe that’s a bit extreme, but our lists help us narrow down our goals. Lists make big projects seem less overwhelming and more tangible.

Instead of worrying about that meeting you’re definitely not prepared for next week; sit down, write out what needs to be done today to be ready for next week. Tomorrow, repeat the process.

Making lists is relaxing. It dictates the shape of the immediate future and ultimately, it calms your shit because who hasn’t felt the need to scream and jump ship when deadlines are near.