Clutch Recognizes Naked. as a Top Development Company in Los Angeles for 2021

As a company, we’ve always believed that people should always be at the center of our app development projects. This mindset allows us to create apps that really work for our clients and allow them to serve the needs of their customers. This process is now paying dividends for us because we’ve just been named as one of Clutch’s Top Development Companies in Los Angeles for the year 2021.

Clutch is a leading online B2B resource that performs market research to determine the top performing companies in every industry. Their list of the 2021 leading companies is accurate because of their unique verification process which tests the legitimacy of the reviews sent to them for publication.

This award means a lot to our team as it helps open more doors for us as a company. One of `them is being featured in a digital portfolio site as one of the notable developers in Los Angeles. This is what our CEO had to say on the effect this award will have on us as a company. “We are so happy to be recognized for our hard work. Our goal is to always create an app that users fall in love with.” – John Driscoll, Founder & CEO of Naked.

We have no one else to thank but all of our clients and partners who made this possible. We will use this award to motivate us to reach even further heights in the coming months.